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Untitled (Centered) – 2012
steel, mesh, encaustic
83.75 h x 16 d in. (211 x 40.5 cm.)

Life size totemic sculptures of the artist’s attempt to make manifest his thoughts and visions generated by his ongoing process of learning to quiet the mind and his struggle to achieve what can be referred to as Buddhist “states of being”. The vertically oriented sculptures are made of steel, mesh and encaustic surfaces and are meant to evoke a quiet, meditative response in the viewer.

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The Troll and the Sea - 2011
oil, mixed media on wood
67 x 44 x 8 in. (170 x 112 x 20 cm)

The heavily layered and reworked surfaces in Dickerson’s constructed paintings reveal a deeply felt process of exploration. Each work contains hidden forms and apertures suggesting almost inaccessible mystery. Using oil, mixed media and wood, these constructed paintings offer the viewer an opportunity for quiet reflection amidst the dislocations and uncertainty of the surrounding world. Assertive and strong in composition, they lead the mind into contemplation of the sublime.

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Job Search – 2011
electronics, various materials
54 x 64 x 24 in. (137 x 162.5 x 61 cm)

Judy Richardson’s work is composed of the forms and textures that speak of the wonders of the everyday. Sculptures are built, assembled and cast with familiar materials like wood, wire, metal and wax. Richardson uses objects, takes things apart, uses the parts as raw material or keeps the most emblematic part of the thing to reconstruct a new form. There is an implication of movement, without being kinetic, an implied human presence, without being figurative.

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Joe Langbord Hosiery Orchard Street, NYC 1952
digital print
8 x 11 in. (20 x 28 cm.)

Ivan spent much of the last year of his life reviewing and culling his writings and photographs. He was a walker in his city, a prodigious observer of place, of people, of vignettes. His editing process was uncompromising, Ivan’s early writings and photographs either suited his late-life criteria or they didn’t. Those photographs of New York City, France and Italy that met his standard, comprise this exhibition. During the spring and summer of 2012, they were scanned from contact sheets and transposed into digital images by Marilynn Karp, with his close supervision.

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Carved Clay #12 - 2012
carved clay with nails
5 x 7 x .5 in. (12.5 x 18 x 12.5 cm)

Very small, never shown before one of a kind pieces that could fit in your back pocket but would be better suited for the wall. Adorned with nails and sometimes staples, hooks or wire, the exploratory raw impressions on the clay create random patterns - a language not yet deciphered. Controlled chaos.

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Ivan’s Choices: Icons of Hyper-Realism
McDonald’s Pick-Up - 1970
oil on canvas
41 x 41 in.

In April 2012 Ivan Karp selected nine Hyper-Realist paintings for exhibition at OK Harris for the first show of 2013. Painted between 1967 and 1994, each is an early work by an internationally recognized Hyper-Realist artist whose works were first exhibited at OK Harris.


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