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General Eisenhower - 2012-2013
figurines glued and painted on wood
60 x 48 in.

Jean-Pierre Seguin uses three-dimensional objects to produce two-dimensional images. For his current exhibition, “WW2”, he uses primarily small plastic soldiers to compose images that refer to the Second World War. He uses several two-dimensional strategies to disturb the viewer’s perceptions, strategies that prompt them to move about and try broaching the image from different distances. Through this motion, the spectator becomes a kind of zoom lens, varying focal length to produce effects of nearness and distance. In close-up we see an army of thousands of soldiers and standing back we perceive a portrait.

Just Passing Thru -2013
acrylic and oil on canvas
40 panels: 100 x 160 in.

In this new work, Tino Zago continues the investigation of enlarging and fracturing an already completed work and transferring it via a grid to create a new work. The grid reinforces the image rather than breaking it further. As achieved, each new work becomes an entirely new world, an ethereal landscape in itself.

Mudlark: Blue - 2014
oil and acrylic paint on expanded polystyrene
14 x 21 x 1.75 in.

Although Robert Ginder’s new works are technically sculpture, these objects are also three-dimensional paintings. They have the texture and presence of wall sculpture but also celebrate the exuberant variety of painted decorative image-making techniques. The new works are painted wall reliefs that depict tiny fragments of pottery and small pieces of dish-ware magnified to a grand scale. These are enlarged versions of the fragments one might uncover along the seaside or old urban riverbanks.

Stepladder and Chairs - 2013
graphite on paper
15 x 19.5 in.

Randy Dudley’s current exhibition consists of new drawings and paintings depicting various industrial and urban landscapes, continuing a theme the artist has been exploring for several decades. The depiction of these sites includes the buildings, structures and the hardware assembled there. Many of these…both structures and objects…either serve a still-useful purpose or are cast off, often to be re-purposed later for a new and different use or discarded entirely. The works depict the functional landscape in the process of undergoing entropy, death, and transformation.

Wish You Were Here (two men in a boat) - 2014
oil on paper on aluminum
6.5 x 4.5 in.

Ron Weis’ small paintings represent what he loves about oil paint. It is a medium that allows for a wide range of subtly-varying applications on various kinds of surfaces. Its flexibility endows small and often overlooked objects with expressive possibility. In this instance, he uses as his subject something as disposable and mundane as a postcard, and in the act of painting has raised it to the level of icon.

Wild Lilacs - 2013
mixed media on paper
11.5 x 11.5 in.

Steven Corsano’s recent collection of mixed media on paper are poetic effusions, elegiac and exultant. Interior landscapes coalescing with the ephemeral and primordial forces of the natural world.

Holes #3 - 2013
oil on linen
10 x 10 in.

During the past decade, Shoichi Akutsu has depicted the heads of screws and holes on linen canvases with oil paint. Grounded in the tradition of European representational forms and influenced by American abstraction, Akutsu has developed a personal language to translate often-overlooked objects into art.

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