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The Arcadia exhibition features the paintings, works on paper and photographs of twenty artists involved with a contemporary re-imagining of the landscape genre. The works are reflective of upstate New York’s lush expanses of summer greenery and its waterfalls, the White Mountains of California with its ancient Bristle Cone Trees; the lush woodlands of the Berkshires, the rolling hills of Maine and the flat lands of Texas to name just a few of the locales represented in the works on view. The art also reflects the passage of times of day from dawn to high noon to sunset. The exhibition offers a visual respite from the baking concrete heat of New York on sweltering summer days.

Alive, Alive-O - 2011
glass/mirror, light and shadow
45 x 35 x 6 in. (114 x 89 x 15 cm)

Appealing to the phototropic aspect of the human psyche, Sydney Cash’s sculpture uses light in a surprisingly ingenious manner: Overhead light is beamed onto a group of several horizontal glass panels, which are affixed perpendicularly to the wall. Each glass panel is composed of mirrored and clear designs. Resulting light patterns are reflected above and shadowed below the panels. The interaction of these elements creates an effect both mesmerizing and visually effective.

Summer Sky 2010 - 2010
paper collage to panel, inlay to linoleum tile
32 x 23 in. (81 x 58 cm)

Through a fusion of techniques: collage, construction, and printmaking, Hébert depicts the beauty and natural lines of “trash”. Discarded scraps of metal, paper, wood and plastic are captured in digital images, printed, then inlayed into constructs where they appear to be floating in a night sky. The background of the vast night sky evokes the weightless, eternal nature of outer space, and the “trash” seems to drift beyond the Earth’s grasp.

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